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Orange Tree Productions

The Sounds of The Rocky Mountains - CD

Beautiful Music and the Natural Symphony
of The Rocky Mountains

Nature sounds from the Colorado high country combine with our own relaxing blend of Rocky Mountain music. Awaken to the stillness of a gentle sunrise... the whispering trees behind an alpine lake... a gentle stream as it meanders beside the trail... the magnificent elk bugling across the valley floor... the sudden peal of distant thunder... and the grandeur as the sun sets over the Great Divide. Recorded on location in Rocky Mountain National Park, CO.

A portion of each sale is donated to The Rocky Mountain Nature Association.

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Customer Reviews

  1. Recently got 4 CDs at the same time and this was the best of the four. Review by A customer

    Recently got 4 CDs at the same time and this was the best of the four. My favorites are still Yellowstone and Shenandoah from a few years ago. (Posted on 8/25/2017)

  2. Amazing find! Review by Melody

    I am so thrilled to find this CD. When I was pregnant with my son 12 years ago, I was put on bedrest. We had purchased this cd at the Cliff House in Manitou Springs, CO on our 5th anniversary trip. This music brought me such comfort throughout that entire time. (Posted on 3/12/2017)

  3. Five Stars Review by Barbara Barth

    This is a really beautiful and inspirational album. Well done. (Posted on 1/4/2017)

  4. great music. hoped it would last a bit longer... Review by Walt Vetter

    great music. hoped it would last a bit longer into the last half of songs tho. wildlife sounds are great but music is better.
    (Posted on 12/24/2015)

  5. Finally found it Review by moki

    More than 20 years ago, when I was 4 years old, my grandmother on my mothers side passed away. She was diagnosed with terminal cancer and this CD was her favourite, she listened to it everyday whenever she was in pain. After my grandmother died, my mom got very attached to it and it also supported her in her mourning.. 10 years later, when I was a teenager, it became a consolation to me as well and I listened to it whenever I had it tough. Unfortunately I lost it... I am so happy I found it here on the internet now. Can't wait to give this to my mom... :) (Posted on 11/29/2015)

  6. Advice from a music-loving mountain man ... Review by Robert S.

    There's no accounting for taste in music, but in my opinion this is the VERY BEST of "The National Park Series" of soothing music accompanied by nature sounds, so dim the lights, sit back, close your eyes, and be transported to your "Happy Place." Trust me ... and not just because I live in the Rocky Mountains 100 miles west of Denver. (Posted on 11/5/2015)

  7. Five Stars Review by Richard Jensen

    Best recording ever, thank you. (Posted on 6/18/2015)

  8. Owned for 14 years! Review by Curt

    We bought this in 2006 while on a week trip in Denver Colorado area. Our kids were young and now they still love to listen to this since they went to sleep many a night listening to it. We live in mountains of Virginia and love to listen to this when driving the Blue Ridge!! We highly recommend and I would love to get my hands on sheet music for Track 5, daybreak since my daughter plays violin now. Would really inspire her Thanks for great music!! (Posted on 4/23/2015)

  9. An Essential For Our Dissipation Of Stress Review by B. E. Johnson

    We would travel to Colorado Springs for a conference every Spring. It was a work effort, requiring zero failure, due to the high profile event that we were attending at the Broadmoor Hotel. This CD was in the room at the Cliff House on our first visit, where we would eventually always stay in days prior to the conference in years to come. It would wake us every morning and lull us to sleep every night. Without it, I'm not certain that we could have been as calm, collected and successful as we were. Needless to say, we purchased the CD and brought a copy home. It still is sought out, from time to time, here in the studio when stress becomes too much and the gentle atmosphere that his music creates is craved.

    I periodically search for more of his music to increase our library but have not been successful. (Posted on 1/26/2015)

  10. Five stars Review by Denise Fodor

    Brings back memories of an awesome vacation!
    (Posted on 11/3/2014)

  11. Fabulous Review by Jennifer Deshotel

    I can't believe I found this CD! I too bought it while vacationing to the Rocky Mountains in 2007 and fell in love with it! So soothing and relaxing. I thought I lost it until today when my mother was telling me about a fabulous CD she found that helps her deal with her anxiety - she was talking about this CD, my long lost CD. I was relieved to have found it, but didn't have the heart to take it back. (Posted on 9/25/2014)

  12. Favorite CD of all time! Review by Boulder Bred

    This one is a MUST HAVE! You can almost smell the crisp mountain pine air. We own two of these CD's. One for the car and one for the house. Great music to take to your massage therapy session. Even the elk calls seem melodic. I can't recommend it highly enough. Buy it now. (Posted on 8/26/2013)

  13. Soothing Review by Kari Andersen

    Whenever I have trouble sleeping, I turn this on & it takes me directly into the mountains in autumn and sooths me back to sleep. (Posted on 6/16/2012)

  14. Incredible CD! Review by hiker

    I got this on tape years ago and was excited to find it on CD a few years ago. I love it and reminds me of hiking in the Rocky Mountain National Park! Very well done and I listen to it often! (Posted on 7/20/2011)

  15. One of the most beautiful cd's I've ever listened to Review by R. Wiggs "Honey"

    I bought this at the visitors center on Grand Mesa several years ago. I used to put it on when my dogs were rowdy and within 10 minutes they were laid out and asleep. it's beautiful..has many animal sounds along with the music. I highly recommend if you love the Rockies. (Posted on 10/5/2010)

  16. Simply Beautiful Review by Laura

    I bought this CD in Rocky Mountain National Park and instantly fell in love with it. It is very tranquil and soothing, and it combines soft nature sounds with instrumental music. I have played it while driving through the mountains, while studying, and even in my classroom to help calm my students. Now I play it for my infant son and he frequently falls asleep to the beautiful, relaxing music. I have many CDs from the National Park Series, but this one is definitely my favorite.

    (Posted on 6/6/2010)

  17. Great Music Review by Jenny Cait

    I grew up near the Rockies and we went all the time. This is a great soundtrack to relax to or just cruise. It has a beautiful mix of instrumentals with the sounds of nature without being overdone. I still have memories of it playing in the van while we drove down Trail Ridge Road spotting wildlife. Thunder Mountain is my special favorite.
    (Posted on 4/17/2010)

  18. BEAUTIFUL!!! Review by "Julie Ball"

    Close your eyes and listen this CD and wherever you are, you'll feel like you're right inside the Rocky Mountain National Park! I did, and I live in Houston! Great sounds! Wonderful quality! (Posted on 4/4/2010)

  19. Perfect Meditation/Relaxation Music Review by NJJohnson

    This music is great background for your relaxation exercises, or letting your mind and body be washed over by its natural sounds. It is soothing, enveloping and calming. Really!
    (Posted on 3/11/2010)

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