Binaural Recording

Neuman Binaural Microphone - Fritz

Binaural recording provides the listener with the most realistic recreation of sound possible. This recording technique is used in film production as well as by NASA scientists who demand the incredible realism our microphone provides. Simply put – binaural microphones record ambient sounds the same way the human ear does – in 3-dimensional surround sound. We use the Neumann KU 100 microphone when recording in the wilderness. This unique device is a replica of the human-head with a microphone built into each ear. It provides the listener with the illusion of being right at the scene of the acoustic event, so you hear our nature sounds as if you were standing in the forest, or near the stream, or in any one of the thousands of pristine locations that we have been lucky enough to record at.

Finding locations to record the purest sounds in nature is often a challenge. Every day we are bombarded by so many man-made sounds that many people forget the solitude that authentic nature provides. Working together with the National Park Service, we spend a great deal of time backpacking to remote locations within the parks and sanctuaries in order to escape the drone of planes, cars, generators and other man-made sounds. It is here in America’s untamed wilderness that we record the unspoiled sounds, recreating nature’s vast spiritual ambience that is both unforgettable and indescribable.