The Sounds of Acadia

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Relaxing music and nature sounds recorded in Acadia National Park. Featured artists include Bill Mize, Tim Heintz, Sid Page, Dan Higgins, Grant Geissman, and David Goldblatt.

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Music composed by Randy Petersen, Tim Heintz, Bill Mize, and David Goldblatt. Produced by Orange Tree Productions

Come along on a 3-dimensional musical journey as we explore the many moods of this enchanting sanctuary. Experience the gentle strains of a dawn chorus at Bubble Pond... relax as a gentle stream meanders beside a forest trail... pause as a horse-drawn carriage passes by Jordan Pond... listen as the hypnotic cadence of waves crash against the rugged shoreline... drift away as the misty evening settles over this island paradise. Recorded on location in Acadia National Park, ME. 

A portion of each sale is donated to Eastern National to help preserve our national parks.

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