The Sounds of Monterey Bay

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Beautiful Music and the Natural Symphony of Monterey Bay

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Relaxing music and the incredible ambiance of Monterey Bay come together in a one of a kind CD. Music that refreshes the soul and provides a listening experience that will keep you coming back for more. A fusion of acoustic guitar, woodwinds and piano complement the natural rhythm of gentle surf and West Coast atmosphere. Once you add this gem to your music collection you'll reconnect with your West Coast groove. Close your eyes and you'll be there.

In a tribute to this special seaside retreat, enjoy the mysteries and melodies of the sea... swim with the dolphins as they play among the waves... discover the haunting melodies of a humpback whale... explore the rocky shores of Point Lobos State Reserve... enjoy the sunset at Big Sur and the soothing ambience of the world-famous Monterey coastline. Recorded on location in Monterey, CA.

A portion of each sale is donated to The Monterey Bay Aquarium Education and Research Programs.

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