The Sounds of SeaWorld

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The Sounds of SeaWorld blends the magical sounds of the sea with relaxing music. This music is great for unwinding and help's support SeaWorld's Sea Turtle & Dolphin Conservation program. 

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Musicians include Tim Heintz, Dan Higgans, Grant Geissman, Dino Soldo, Ramone Stagnaro and David Goldblatt.

Listen to the beautiful language of the dolphin as they play... the haunting melodies of a passing killer whale... the musical celebration of the exotic birds. From penguins to sea lions, the stars of SeaWorld speak a language all their own. Enjoy the musical celebrations of playful dolphins, exotic birds, killer whales, penguins and sea lions. By weaving beautiful music together with the natural marine life sounds from SeaWorld, we have created a Symphony of the Sea. 

Recorded on location at SeaWorld of California, San Diego. Beautiful music and the natural symphony of SeaWorld. Produced by Orange Tree Productions

A portion of each sale is donated to Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute.

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